The LEGO Story

What I learned new about LEGO ⁃ Danish company ⁃ Started in 1930s ⁃ It started with wood furniture business ⁃ Ole Kirk took the decision to make simple toys for kids ⁃ Cars, YoYo become its key product ⁃ Largely driven by family values and under influence of Word war 1 and 2 ⁃

Long time no see!

long time no see So that’s that, i started my first post way back in 2001, that time in blogpost. With an idea of sharing my know how and make all aware of current good practices. My passion was welding and mostly all my early blogs are about them. Back then, 21 year old me

Milk Property fact!

Just, I got this info & sharing with youDensity of MilkWhole milk : ρ = 1035.0 − 0.358 T + 0.0049 T^2 − 0.00010 T^3Skim milk : ρ = 1036.6 − 0.146 T + 0.0023 T^2 − 0.00016 T^3Buffalo milk : ρ = 923.84 − 0.44 TCows’s milk : ρ = 923.51 − 0.43 T


Lately (late in my career), that is for past three years, i’m working on various ERPs. Offcourse i started the work on engineering domain. But thanks to my friends in other domain, who helped me in understanding other modules too. In my recent company i’ve developed my own ERP. it was made to take care

What Next?

Now, let us start new topic, on design of pressure vessel! I think this one of the interesting subject, and we find lots of data over here and their defining how to design pressure vessel. Some people take advantage of this and confuse you some time.. end result you may get over size vessel (high

Visit to Drinktec

Hello All from Munich!Right now I’m at drinktec,and sharing my experience with you all.Drinktec (website : Drinktec is an exhibition which happen at Munich germany after each 4 year! Its for people from Brewery & Beverages. The exhibitors are manufacturers & supplier from/ for same Industry.Its a good experience for new bee like me,

Good Websites

Hello friends, After long time I’m updating my blog.Please find here some shortcut to useful websites. For Conversion for Conversion For World Sesmic/Wind Chart! Great india IIT website for earthquake and wind load calculations Good site for pipe fittings details I’ll update more links soon..

Left Thermax & Joined Ziemann

On 1st May I joined Ziemann, My Previous company is Boilers and my new company is in Brewing. and Now my job profile has changed.. Now i’ll learn how to make beer.. As i’m learnign I’ll share some good thing in steam with you after a while Till then take care..

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