Book Review: “Skin in the Game” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and “Basic Economics” by Thomas Sowell

I read somewhere that the technology keeps on changing, but the economics do not. However, I recently encountered two books with thought-provoking and belief-conflicting theories. Both Nassim (writer of the famous book Black Swan & Antifragile) and Thomas Sowell (Known capitalistic economist) are subject-matter expert, and both are working in economies of scales. The challenge

Book Review : Clarity

The Book The #goodreads , Clarity by Jamie Smart, explores the importance of clarity in achieving success and well-being in life. It explains how understanding innate thinking leads to clarity, intuition, and resilience, guiding individuals through uncertainty and change. The book helps catch an understanding that is aligned with how our mind and life work,


Book Review : The Coaching Habit

Coaching is one of the most important tools a leader can use to make his team more efficient, productive, and interested in achieving the common goal. However, knowing this fact, we typically struggle to ask the right question to coach one. Some time, coaching becomes mentoring and loses its focus. The focus of Coaching is

Distraction at work

There are many ways to be productive, many tools to use and many methods to follow. However, the tools which we use to be productive on our workstations and mobile, are all fighting for our attention. And the best way to get our attention is to brighten that screen when new notification comes or ping

Book Review : Stolen Focus

“You don’t get what you don’t fight for.” Stolen Focus We all struggle with our focus, whether we know it or not. How long it takes us to disconnect from the world and have a thought without distraction? How many times do we glance at our mobile devices and observe its pinging or illumination? Do

Book Review: Lights Out: Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric

“Lights Out: Pride, Delusion, and the Fall of General Electric” is a book written by Thomas Gryta and Ted Mann. It provides a detailed account of the decline and downfall of one of America’s most iconic companies, General Electric (GE). The book explores the internal culture, leadership decisions, and strategic missteps that led to GE’s


What is organisational culture?

Many times I come across statements like “hire someone who will fit our organizational culture”, “this will not work on our organizational culture”, “the culture in this organization is different, and you need to adapt to…”…. What’s the organizational culture? If it means anything, culture should describe the day-to-day experience of the ordinary worker. Culture

Coaching and Mentoring… Thought and a Goodread

Many a time we use this word quite interchangeably; however, a practitioner knows the Subtle difference between coaching and mentoring. Mentoring is more personal, it’s one looking into the long future, focusing on improving one from a long-term perspective. A Mentor needs not to be a subject-matter expert, he needs life experience, which he will

Book Review : Catalyst: The Ultimate Strategies on How to Win at Work 

Do we learn from our experience? What differentiates an experience with a learning experience? How to ensure we learn from experience and be aware of experience as it’s happening and use it to build the knowledge base? That’s this book is all about “Catalyst” Really a #GoodRead , Catalyst by Chandramouli.The author, who has a


Day One! Amazing Philosophy of Amazon

Recently completed reading a #goodread “Amazon Unbound”, a book written by Brad Stone that chronicles Amazon’s journey from its inception until now. The book details how Jeff Bezos studied market trends and innovation while focusing on long-term strategies. It helps us uncover the secret of Amazon’s vitality and understand Bezos’ thought processes. Day One is


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