Distraction at work

There are many ways to be productive, many tools to use and many methods to follow. However, the tools which we use to be productive on our workstations and mobile, are all fighting for our attention. And the best way to get our attention is to brighten that screen when new notification comes or ping

What is organisational culture?

Many times I come across statements like “hire someone who will fit our organizational culture”, “this will not work on our organizational culture”, “the culture in this organization is different, and you need to adapt to…”…. What’s the organizational culture? If it means anything, culture should describe the day-to-day experience of the ordinary worker. Culture

Coaching and Mentoring… Thought and a Goodread

Many a time we use this word quite interchangeably; however, a practitioner knows the Subtle difference between coaching and mentoring. Mentoring is more personal, it’s one looking into the long future, focusing on improving one from a long-term perspective. A Mentor needs not to be a subject-matter expert, he needs life experience, which he will

Task Vs. Project

What qualifies as Task? And what as Project? “I see many people juggling with their pocket diary, todo list and many other reports, breaking down each activity as task, and ending day with a longer list than seeing few getting crossed off.” Its depressing and deflating to see the to-do list growing, and no respite

black pencil on white printerpaper

Strategic Planning – an Oxymoron?

Nothing against strategy planning, many companies do, many entrepreneurs do it, and seems part of lingo for business consultants. But as I think more on this word ‘Strategic Planning’, the word it-self start making me more confused. Typically under strategic planning, is something organization takes as a list of activities, e.g. improve customer’s engagement, start


Brainstorming – multiple positions blade

Typically, Brainstorming session with multiple people leads to multiple ideas, but for this use case, it was only me, Saturday morning and paper and pen. I dreamed about many complex ideas to get solution to the problem statement last night, and started putting them on paper in the morning. Constrains was, the blade (triangular piece)

Change, How Fast? How to predict?

How to see the future without magical power… Where is the car? Photo clicked on Easter early morning in 1900, 5th Ave, New York Where is the horse? Photo clicked at same place on Easter Morning 1913 Assuming you can spot the car in first photo, it’s one single car moving along with all horse

Hofstadter’s Law

Any task you planning to tackle will always take longer than you expect, “even when you take into account Hofstadter’s law” in other word, even if you know that a given project is likely to overturn, and you adjust your schedule accordingly, it will overrun your new estimated finishing time too… I’m following productivity tools

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