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Passionate Leader, Engineer, Student and Blogger

This is a place, sharing all my insights during my various roles which I play



I’m taking #GoodReads challenges for quite few years now I’m reading atleast a book in 2-3 weeks time, and what better place than my own site to share the insight and some truly life impacting experiences.


I’m passionate about #Productivity, always using various tools to check if they are helping me achieve more I’ll be sharing few quick tips, some insight, may be a review or two on some tools i’m using or came across


Sharing some know-how which I came across during my Garage project. These are mostly from PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Python, R, Node.Js etc, I like to make this my own Stackoverflow! lets see


This is a subject, where I try to keep myself updated, You too want to share something interesting, join me Anything from Genome to Space will be covered here

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