Economiser, some FAQs

Guide for better economiser design Is it essential to pre heat feed water? How one preheats they boiler feed water? We have two options, Via economiser, mounted on exhaust of boiler, and heating incoming feed water by absorbing lost heat in flue gases Via Deareator tank, adding steam to deareator and heating the water temperature.

P&ID Diagram : Process Vs. Piping

Whats ‘P’ Stands for! In office someone told me, lets not spend (tone was ‘waste’) time in making P&ID, as our machine has no piping! an I was like … confused on matching the description of P&ID with need of P&ID. and hence this article. I just went back to basis, and tried to find

Orbital Welding for Sanitary Piping

Orbital Welding for Sanitary Piping Orbital welding in Sanitary application is extension to tungsten inert gas (TIG/TGAW) welding. This type of welding is default in piping, which the application demands Sanitary or super clean application, where cleaning is done with CIP/SIP. The pharmaceutical industry currently uses orbital GTAW/TIG welding almost exclusively. This produces welds of

Material in Saniatary Application (Pharma/ Food Industry)

Metals in Pharma/ Food Industry As we know, the out put from these industry are directly consumed by end user, and it impact either health value or patients safety! Its prime importance that the metal used in these industry ensures no impact on quality of products and also ensures minimum maintenance. Many time, manufacturer prefer

Ergonomics design for Push Trolley (System on wheel, managed by Pushing)

Ergonomics design for Push Trolley (System on wheel, managed by Pushing)  As per HSE, Pushing and pulling of loads is a way to avoid manual lifting and carrying of objects such as by putting the load on a trolley. Why its important to study? and even design? Statistics can be seen below that give you an

Design of a trolley : A thought!

Be in whatever field you are, you come across trolleys in one form or other. Trolleys, some time stuck, sometimes with broken wheels, sometime hard to push and sometimes its better keeping them untouched. My profession given me opportunity to design one trolley myself. And I grab the opportunity by both hands. Here, I’ll share

Energy Required to Heat Air

Recently I came across this requirement of calculating heat required to heat air (for AHU), I came across two simplified formulas, as follows. Please also note the learning from this workout at the bottom! Learning! for delta T, Centigrade vs Fahrenheit are different! I was thinking, as long as its Delta (Difference between two temperature),

Non Destructive Testing of Welding

So, we have covered Destructive testing in my last post, now something on Non-destructive testing. There are Numerous Non-Destructive tests used to evaluate the base metal to be joined as well as completed welds. However these all NDT shares several common elements, these essential elements are summarized below: o A Source of Probing energy or

Testing of Weldments!

I’ve covered, welding and weld defect in past posts, what I missed completely is the testing of Weldments. One of the purpose of effective quality control program is to determine the suitability of a given base metal or a weld to perform its intended service. When It comes to testing, we have two type of

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