Thats for me 😅

long time no see

So that’s that, i started my first post way back in 2001, that time in blogpost. With an idea of sharing my know how and make all aware of current good practices.

My passion was welding and mostly all my early blogs are about them. Back then, 21 year old me learning lots of things, and it was fun.

last 22 years, has given me opportunities to diversIfy my knowledge. And I take pride in myself, of able to learn so many diverse items.

after a really long break, I tried to do some justice to my website, obviously moving to own domain was one, thought that will give some commitment to peruse this further.

Thinking got me here, and start with my 1st post. its mot technically first, but its first from my long lost love of writing and sharing.

Question is

  • What should I share?
  • What should be the frequency?
  • is it ok to share my other passions here?
  • will it be a good place, or is blogging right platform to share diverse information?
  • How to make this more relevant and vibrant.

So let me continue think I’ve it and post here whatever I think is relevant. May be after some time it will boil down to some categories. God knows. But let’s start

What I will be sharing?

Question is what I can share. Okie let me give a thought, what are my interest, as that will keep me driving.

#Welding and pressure vessel: this is long lost love. Past decade in away from this subject. May be I need to rekindle this, and start sharing what little I think it’s amusing to me.

Books I read #GoodReads : I read almost a book per month, and recently started making mind maps out of it, it’s interesting, and I think I should share this with you all

#Machine learning, Timeseries and Forecasting : New skill set. Want to share whatever amuses me or whatever I came across as challenges. Sometime it’s as small as syntax error or sometime it’s choosing the right platform. It’s all about R and Python, but it’s a hell of a world.

#Software : one of the biggest hobby, and a full time Garage project of mine. I got lots of insights and sleepless night while working on smithing as basic as creating my diary or as complex as creating calculations tools (hosted on this website). So lots of opportunities to share my know how here.

#Behavioural Science: This is a subject, I fallen in love with as I groomed as Manager and Leader. I work on #Productivity and # Planning as well as #skills to develop myself and my team members, I think it will be super cool to share my insights here

Let’s start, “The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.”

Source unknown

So with those four five categories, let me work on next post.

See you soon

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