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Reboot Engineering….

Post 1 of many 🙂 Something I wanted to do for long, building something by my hand! Building machine from scratch. End of mansoon brought some ideas and inspiration, which I thought will lead me to fulfilling my etch of doing some engineering. Yes, I’m full time engineer, but now a days expertise lies in

Earth quake Factors – Why & How

Whats is Earth quake factor? and how they affect the calculation? Their are numerous papers on this, and they are equally qualified to tell you what is earthquake factor all about… but what mater to me is.. how do they do it! As far as India is concern..The earthquake of 26 January 2001 in Gujarat

Earthquake loading – Brief

All designers are accustomed to evaluating moments due to eccentric and wind loads, but there are a few who may not be familiar with the method used for estimating moments due to earthquake. Therefore, the following brief outline is presented because this method is recommended as a design procedure for vessels where dynamic considerations are

Design : 2 : Shell (External Pressure)

External pressure can be due to internal negative Pressure, or external loading like wind, earthquake etc. or live load, snow load etc. One can design Pressure vessel for either sever combination of various load or for most possible occurrence of load combination. Load combinations are given in respective ‘Building Code’ like API, UBC, IS etc.

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