Whats is Earth quake factor? and how they affect the calculation?

Their are numerous papers on this, and they are equally qualified to tell you what is earthquake factor all about… but what mater to me is.. how do they do it!

As far as India is concern..The earthquake of 26 January 2001 in Gujarat was unprecedented not only for the state of Gujarat but for the entire country in terms of the damages and the casualties. As the state came out of the shock, literally and otherwise, the public learnt for the first time that the scale of disaster could have been far lower had the constructions in the region complied with the codes of practice for earthquake prone regions. Naturally, as Gujarat began to rebuild the houses, infrastructure and the lives of the affected people, it gave due priority to the issues of code compliance for new constructions.

Seismic activity prone countries across the world rely on “codes of practice” to mandate that all constructions fulfill at least a minimum level of safety requirements against future earthquakes. As the subject of earthquake engineering has evolved over the years, the codes have continued to grow more sophisticated.

Liquid storage tanks are commonly used in industries for storing chemicals, petroleum products, etc. and for storing water in public water distribution systems. Importance of ensuring safety of such tanks against seismic loads cannot be overemphasized.


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