All designers are accustomed to evaluating moments due to eccentric and wind loads, but there are a few who may not be familiar with the method used for estimating moments due to earthquake. Therefore, the following brief outline is presented because this method is recommended as a design procedure for vessels where dynamic considerations are required. The weight of each vessel element (shell, head, tray, or internal part) is calculated. and then multiplied by the vertical distance from the circumferential seam (or horizontal plane) under
consideration to the center of gravity of the element. The summation of the moments so found ismultiplied by the seismic factor for the area where the vessel is to operate, thereby yielding a moment due to earthquake or seismic disturbance. For vessels, the seismic factor will usually have a value of 0.03 to 0.12, depending upon the geographical location. Expressed mathematically,

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