Brainstorming – multiple positions blade

Typically, Brainstorming session with multiple people leads to multiple ideas, but for this use case, it was only me, Saturday morning and paper and pen. I dreamed about many complex ideas to get solution to the problem statement last night, and started putting them on paper in the morning. Constrains was, the blade (triangular piece)

Ergonomics design for Push Trolley (System on wheel, managed by Pushing)

Ergonomics design for Push Trolley (System on wheel, managed by Pushing)  As per HSE, Pushing and pulling of loads is a way to avoid manual lifting and carrying of objects such as by putting the load on a trolley. Why its important to study? and even design? Statistics can be seen below that give you an

Design of a trolley : A thought!

Be in whatever field you are, you come across trolleys in one form or other. Trolleys, some time stuck, sometimes with broken wheels, sometime hard to push and sometimes its better keeping them untouched. My profession given me opportunity to design one trolley myself. And I grab the opportunity by both hands. Here, I’ll share

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