About Me…

Hi all..
Hope you all are enjoying the life to the fullest..

Let me take pleasure to introduce myself, I’m Sumit Y Waghmare (BE Mechanical) residence of Pune, India.
Currently I’m working in reputed Boiler Manufacturer in pune as Asst, Manager Design. Now guess the kind of work a design engineer is doing in a Steam Insustry.. yes lots of thermal, mass & heat balance!
Thou thermal was not my major in my engineering.. it was now bread & butter for me. I’ve learn a lot many things in my stay in company & all creadit goes to my learnign capacity 😉 and off-course to the company.
I’m looking forward your discussion on the topic.. the Queries, the Troubleshooting, Your on site design experience..
I also developed small package software which i think is be very useful tool for any thermal engineer..
What I’ll share?
I’ll share my knowledge, I’ll introduce you with my small soft tools! You may ask for a trial copy 🙂 till date I’ve not thought of making it commersial but it all start if there is a good response!