About the Tools!

Day In day out I’ve to do Thermal Calculation, the fuel combustion analysis, mass balance or design of heat exchanger, Why not to formulate them & use it as a GUI based program.. I’m great fan ov Visual Basic 6.. & all my applications are stand alone.. means no set up required just save it & run it 🙂
Here I’ll share about the tools I’m developing

If you are intrested please mail me @ papasumit@gmail.com for a FREE COPY

You can see the Screen shots of the programs.. I’ll add details soon

Boiler Engineers Tool

Fuel Combustion Tool

Heat Exchanger Design

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger Design

More to come….

About Me…

Hi all..
Hope you all are enjoying the life to the fullest..

Let me take pleasure to introduce myself, I’m Sumit Y Waghmare (BE Mechanical) residence of Pune, India.
Currently I’m working in reputed Boiler Manufacturer in pune as Asst, Manager Design. Now guess the kind of work a design engineer is doing in a Steam Insustry.. yes lots of thermal, mass & heat balance!
Thou thermal was not my major in my engineering.. it was now bread & butter for me. I’ve learn a lot many things in my stay in company & all creadit goes to my learnign capacity 😉 and off-course to the company.
I’m looking forward your discussion on the topic.. the Queries, the Troubleshooting, Your on site design experience..
I also developed small package software which i think is be very useful tool for any thermal engineer..
What I’ll share?
I’ll share my knowledge, I’ll introduce you with my small soft tools! You may ask for a trial copy 🙂 till date I’ve not thought of making it commersial but it all start if there is a good response!