Metals in Pharma/ Food Industry

As we know, the out put from these industry are directly consumed by end user, and it impact either health value or patients safety! Its prime importance that the metal used in these industry ensures no impact on quality of products and also ensures minimum maintenance.
Many time, manufacturer prefer to take different batches of products in same equipment, and this leads to one more challenge of cleanability. and when one like to be equally sure, that no residual is passing to next batch, its prime important that the metal should not react with any chemical cleaning agents!
Stainless steels are uniquely qualified not only because of their long service life, availability and fabricability, but also because they are non-corroding, non-contaminant, they can be polished to very smooth finishes, they are strong and rigid, they can withstand heat and chemical sterilization treatments, and they are easily welded.
In such industry, following metals are preliminary used.
  1. 304 and 316 stainless steels and their L grades
  2. Austenitic stainless steels with higher Mo content
  3. Duplex stainless steels group
  4. Superaustenitics in particular “6Mo”
  5. Ni, Cr, Mo family commonly called the “Alloy C family”
  6. Cobalt based alloys with high corrosion and wear-resistance
  7. Titanium alloys, referred as chemically pure (CP)

Following table shows chemistry of typical Stainless steel used in industry

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