Asset on laravel and PWA

Recently I was working on making one of my web app as PWA. I understand PWA is future, hence I try to make my website based solution into a web app. And I came across an issue with sharing the resources. Specifically icons, images and splash screens. And I came across {{ asset( ) }}

two blue metal storage boxes

Cheat Sheet Chest 🧰

Got some nifty cheat sheets, which I regularly using during development phase. Sharing few here Python Flask : flask_cheatsheet.pdf Python Pandas Cheat sheet : Pandas_Cheat_Sheet.pdf ( Python Data Science Cheat Sheet : PHP Cheat sheet (Book) : PHP-Cheat-Sheet.pdf ( Laravel Cheat Sheet : My beloved Laravel cheat sheet – DEV Community React Cheat Sheet


Timeseries Wrangling

By the way it should be Timeseries struggling. It’s basically fight of tools. When you have plethora of tools available, you always get confused with which one to follow. In my case it’s R vs. Python I like the ease of R to do data wrangling and get more insight but it’s Damm slow when

About the Tools!

Day In day out I’ve to do Thermal Calculation, the fuel combustion analysis, mass balance or design of heat exchanger, Why not to formulate them & use it as a GUI based program.. I’m great fan ov Visual Basic 6.. & all my applications are stand alone.. means no set up required just save it

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