Heat Exchanger nomenclature & Designation:
The name is splited in three portions e.g 23-192-BEM

1st Position : 23 : Defines, ID of Vessel
2nd Position : 192 : Defines, Tube length
3rd Position : BEM : it further splited in three parts as per fing N-1.2
e.g B-E-M,
the 1st section, defines the Type of Front head (B for Bonnet Integral cover)
the 2nd section, defines the shell type (E – One pass shell)
the 3rd section, defines the type of rear head (M – Fixed tube sheet, stationary head)

See the image below
Typical heat exchanger configuration is shown in below image

Above figure shows typical flow arrangement inside a heat exchanger.

Typically for a heat exchanger, their are two type Tube Bundle exist. see the picture below.


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