10 year ago after completing my degree in mechanical engineering , when i joined the industry, as a fresher Fabrication & Pressure vessel both were new to me. I took help of good old hand books from Dennis Moss and Megyesy. Thought they where great tool.. I understood one fact hard way, if you ignore basic, they are no good, as there are big mistakes in Dennis Moss book, which you never come across if you put your mind aside! on other had Megyesy, is too much orientated on ASME VIII Div-1, and will not help much if you want to look beyond horizontal vessel or less complicated vertical vessel.

ASME provide all tools & guidelines to analysis Failure (limits) but fails to help me understand how to implement it in actual practice (Additional loading, Conical head with angle >30º! etc. etc…)

Hence I started this Blog to help understand how to implement old engineering know how in Practical scenario!

currently I’m in phase of switching to a new Industry all together, may be i’ll find more way to implement my know how their & learn new way to optimize things.

Take Care


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