Ok, TEMA Ninth edition is here.

Other Than complete change in Page Indexing (Page number), Following are note worthy changes from eigth edition :
Followings are Prominent Changes and Listed at TEMA website
1. New rules for flexible shell elements (expansion joints), which are based on a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) approach.

2. Tables for tube hole drilling have been expanded to 3” diameter tubes.
3. Guidelines for performing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) had been added.
4.Rules for the design of shell intersections (with large nozzle to cylinder ratios) subjected to pressure and external loadings have been added.
5.Foreign material cross-reference linking material specifications from various international codes has been added.
6.Rules for the design of longitudinal baffles have been added

Followings are my observation (And I’ll keep it upto date as more I go in detail)
1. Page numbering & Indexing changed completely
2. Tube Plate thickness calculation is now moved to Appendix A, and detail and simplified approach is seen.
3. Section T (Thermal Relations), Section P (Physical properties of fluids), Section D (General Information) and Section RGP (Recommended Good Practice) added


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