Ok, So you want to design cooling for a vessel.. how to?

Step : 1 : What you should know, and what you should ask
What you should know
a) You should know what type of Vessel Construction your are offering
b) You should know what Jacket for cooling you have
c) You should know your Jacket, Heat transfer co-eff co-releation very well
What you should ask
a) Media to be cooled
b) Media for cooling
c) with agitation or w/o agitation
d) Location (in-house or out-side)
e) Cooling performance needed
Step : 2 : Calculated heat Duty/ Cooling Duty
a) Duty due to Surface Loss
b) Duty due to Fermentation/ Process, i.e to remove heat arising from the process
c) Duty due to Cooling withing given time frame
d) Factor of safety : 10 to 20% depending upon your confidence (prooven history will help to reduce this factor of safety)

Step : 3 : Calculate Amount of cooling media needed

Step : 4 : Calculate Area for Cooling jacket

Step : 5 : Calculate Pressure Drop

Step : 6 : Summary

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