Quick cheats 🙂

Got some nifty cheat sheets, which I regularly using during development phase.

Sharing few here

Python Flask : flask_cheatsheet.pdf

Python Pandas Cheat sheet : Pandas_Cheat_Sheet.pdf (pydata.org)

Python Data Science Cheat Sheet : datacamp-community-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/f04456d7-8e61-482f-9cc9-da6f7f25fc9b

PHP Cheat sheet (Book) : PHP-Cheat-Sheet.pdf (websitesetup.org)

Laravel Cheat Sheet : My beloved Laravel cheat sheet – DEV Community

React Cheat Sheet : React.js cheatsheet (devhints.io)

Javascript Cheat Sheet : JavaScript (JS) Cheat Sheet Online (htmlcheatsheet.com)

R Data visualization : Data visulaization

R Studio Forecast Cheat sheet : Forecast Package


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