Learning Welding doesn’t stop only at knowing welding process.
Followings are more important things selecting welding process :

1. What? What are we welding (Metal type, thickness, chemistry)
2. How ? How are we welding (Welding Position)
3. Where ? where are we welding (e.g in water, near sea shore, inside, outdoor)

We will discuss this in detail, but first we understand the definition & usage of these terms, to start with : Position

Generally as per ASME IX, following are the mentioned position for groove weld

Flat : 1G
Horizontal : 2G
Vertical Upward/Downward : 3G
Overhead : 4G
Pipe – Horizontal : 5G
Pipr 45º : 6G

For Fillet weld, replace G with F, and there is no 6F applicable!


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