I’m thinking of buying or developing software for pressure vessel.
I’ve searched lots of software from PVlite, Pressure Vessel Engineering, CEREBRO-mix etc. but end of the day, the customized solution that I need was always missing.
Let me list out what one expect from such software… atlease I do.. if i miss out something, let me know
– Shell under internal pressure,
– Shell under external pressure,
– Heads under internal & external pressure
– Cone under internal & external pressure
– Stiffner calculation
– Support calculation – Saddle
– Support calculation – Skirt
– Support calculation – Ring support
– Support calculation – Lug support
– Support – Vessel on Leg (Braced & unbraced)
– Leg Support on Dish & cone
– Vertical & horizontal option
– Cooling Calculations
– Flange Design as per ASME VIII – Div-1 (appendix)
–  Surface area calculation
– BOM/ MTO calculation
– Seismic & Wind Loading as per IS/UBC

.. what else?


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