After getting my self stablaized in new company… now i’m evaluating the world around.

Filtration is the business, which is common to many needs, and hence it has been seen across the continent 
Which brings me to todays discuss, short but sweet, and as usual with a promise to update you more as i learn more about this.
From Pressure vessel point of view, suddenly I’m exposed to number of Code of construction, which includes the old daddy ASME, PD-5500, AD-2000 and new comer like EN 134445. the new code i’m now exposed to is GB-150!
How many of you know this code? and importance? 
GB-150 is Pressure vessel code for Pressure vessels in China! it very closely follows ASME, but has its own style! and its governed  by Government.
In next few days, i;ll be sharing my finding as i’m all set to compare all these codes.
As an Indian, i like to as Indian Code for pressure vessel IS 2825. mostly its requirement by Gov. agency, but ASME is well accepted here in India, and IS 2825 closely follows PD 5500.
in my next post i’ll be sharing more about the comparison of three codes, ASME, EN & GB
keep reading & Posting!

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  1. Mehul Shah


    Hi Sumit,
    I was searching pressure vessel manufacturers with GB-150 , GB-151 and other related approvals and I came across your blog. Do you know such suppliers ?.
    Mehul Shah
    Leader-Strategic Sourcing
    Dresser-Rand India Pvt. Ltd.
    Cell# – 97248 03838 / 90999 08879

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