Scope & Responsibility:

Let’s start with comparing the scope & Responsibilities for various codes.

Following table will give an overview



EN 13445



Ref ASME VIII-1 U-1   

Pressure Not exceeding 20 MPa U-1(d)

Design by Formula

Minimum pressure 15 psi (g) [1 bar(g)]  

Minimum -ve pressure 15 psi (g) [1bar(g)]                                              

Refer EN 13445-1: 2009

No limit on pressure

Design by Formula & Design by Analysis

Minimum pressure 0.5 bar(g)

Minimum -ve pressure -0.5 bar(g)

Refer GB-150 : 1-1.1

Pressure not exceeding 35 MPa

Design by Formula

Minimum pressure 1 bar(g)

Minimum -ve pressure 0.2 bar(g)


Ref VIII-1 U-2 (b), UG-90

Responsibility of Manufacturer to design complete

vessel as per requirements of Code

19 responsibilities with Manufacturer, 14 with AI

Refer EN 13445-1: 2009

Responsibility of Manufacturer, counter signed by

notified body (Independent agency)

Annex – H to be filled & Signed

GB-150 : 3, Clause 3.2.2

Responsibility of Manufacturer & Designer to design

complete vessel as per requirements of Code

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