The Book

The #goodreads , Clarity by Jamie Smart, explores the importance of clarity in achieving success and well-being in life. It explains how understanding innate thinking leads to clarity, intuition, and resilience, guiding individuals through uncertainty and change. The book helps catch an understanding that is aligned with how our mind and life work, resulting in symptoms of increasing clarity, resilience, and peace of mind. The author shares reflections and resources to deepen readers’ understanding of innate thinking and clarify their perception of life’s challenges.

Key Concepts

The key concept is looking from inside out than outside in. Not setting goals to make feel need to achieve something to move forward, to get the happiness. The inside out thinking help us to understand from where the feeling of ‘need’ or ‘anxiety’ is coming, and distinguish between what really matters.

Principle Thought, Mind and Consciousness

The book focuses of three principles as 1. Thought (Understand its origin, accept all feelings are result of mere thoughts and not situation), 2. Consciousness (Bring the awareness of surrounding, being aware of the surrounding help avoid blaming the situation, and get focused on Thoughts ) and 3. Mind (Mind is power source behind life)

4T Principle

While doing distinction between Information vs Implementation, I liked the key concept of 4T Principle.
Typically, we fall pray to get more insights and information before taking any decision, this is mainly due to fear of failure, again this is outside in thinking, to see from inside, its important to focus on Implementation. The implementation will only occur if we get more clarity. the clarity will come when we follow the 4Ts.

  • Taking responsibility,
  • Taking decisions,
  • Taking risks and
  • Taking action.
    These can often bring up superstitious thinking. When you can see through the mirage of that thinking, implementation is relatively straightforward. When you can’t see through it, more information can look like an attractive proposition.

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