The discussion is IS 4503 Oriented.
IS 4503 is the code for heat exchanger ..

Type of heat exchanger

  1. Fixed Tube Plate
  2. U Tube
  3. Floating head

Classification on Pressure

  1. 2.5 kg/cm²(g)
  2. 6.3 kg/cm²(g)
  3. 10 kg/cm²(g)
  4. 16 kg/cm²(g)
  5. 25 kg/cm²(g)
  6. 40 kg/cm²(g)

Classification on Temperature
Max. Allowable Metal Temperature

  • Carbon Steel : 250ºC
  • SS : 120ºC
  • Non-ferrous : 65ºC

Max. Fluid Temperature

  • Carbon Steel : 540ºC
  • SS : 590ºC
  • Non-ferrous : 200ºC

Corrosion allowance : 3mm minimum

Tube Pitch : 1.25 times the diameter of the tube

Tube Plate thickness is depend on the Tube outside diameter

Spacing of tube plate support (baffle) : minimum 50mm (varies from 0.6m to 2.5m)

Baffle distance to be decided to avoid any flow induced vibration which will lead to tube to tube plate cracking. TEMA has very indepth calculation to avoid these kind of ‘ harmonic’ vibrations.

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