NOx of the Boiler

Nox is majourly a function of Burner & then a Boiler. Mainly in retrofit market Nox commitment can be achieved by changing burner design & Burner refractory. Type of Nox1. Thermal Nox Contributes to 80% of Total Nox2. Instant Nox Contributes to 15% of Total Nox3. Fuel Nox Contributes to 5% of Total Nox I’ll

Burner Design

Burner Design Three parameters decides performances of the burner1. Turbulence, May be created by ‘Swearler’ & high velocities, which results in better fuel atomization. optimum size of fuel droplet is 50 microns2. Time, Time of residence, residence time of the fuel during combustion, for gas its low, for LDO its high & for FO its

Fast Burner Funda!!

Hi I’m making this live again.. lets start with Burner!! The Flame Visibility 1. Low Luminous flame causes, Non uniform Temperature & heat flux distribution2.Low Luminous flame causes Poor radiant heat transfer & hence lower thermax efficiency3. While More luminous flame gives Good radiant heat transfer, Low flame temperature & low NOx Flame Geometry &

Critical Heat Flux for Any Flue gas Tube Steam Genrator

CHF (Critical Heat Flux) During the brainstorming session, we have come with a critical question on ‘Furnace life’ due to higher heat loading in the furnace. during the ‘research’, I came across a term, Critical heat flux(CHF) or the ‘burn out point’. The past decade has witnessed unprecedented improvements in the performance of packaged boiler

About the Tools!

Day In day out I’ve to do Thermal Calculation, the fuel combustion analysis, mass balance or design of heat exchanger, Why not to formulate them & use it as a GUI based program.. I’m great fan ov Visual Basic 6.. & all my applications are stand alone.. means no set up required just save it

About Me…

Hi all.. Hope you all are enjoying the life to the fullest.. Let me take pleasure to introduce myself, I’m Sumit Y Waghmare (BE Mechanical) residence of Pune, India. Currently I’m working in reputed Boiler Manufacturer in pune as Asst, Manager Design. Now guess the kind of work a design engineer is doing in a

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